Getting In

Photo of Bill Picard in his van by Emilie Kapp, courtesy the Salt Archive.


Welcome to the first Saltcast! Glad you could stop by and take a listen. Saltcast is a production of PRX and The Salt Institute for Documentary Studies — Salt for short — in Portland, Maine.

We want to start the podcast with a bang and Matt Largey’s piece “Five Things” fits the bill. Matt was a student at Salt in the fall of 2004 and he “got in” — the goal of all documentary producers. Matt got close to the characters in his piece and was able to produce a very intimate portrait.

We’ll leave the rest of the details for you in the podcast. Take a listen. Let us know what you think. Then look for more podcasts.

Bye for now,

Rob Rosenthal, Director of the Radio Program at Salt


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  2. By Catie Talarski on Jul 1, 2008

    Ahhh. This is a beautiful story – I don’t remember hearing it in its entirety at Salt. So glad this podcast is up and running – I need my biweekly Salt (and Rosenthal) infusion.


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