Putting Words in the Mouth

Joe Marchelletta works a spinning frame in Etna, Maine.
Photo by Lars Howlett, courtesy of the Salt Archive.


Radio producers face ethical questions every day. Indeed, when cutting tape, we face ethical questions each time we highlight and delete — every few seconds. When we remove words, flip sentences, delete a pause, etc., we make ethical choices involving the altering of “truth” (whatever that is).

So, what are the ethical considerations when we write words for narration, the addition of words? And, taking it a step further, what if we write the words for a character in a story to read/narrate? Are any ethical boundaries crossed?

Take a listen to “Family Yarn” and see what you think. Then chime in on the blog.




  1. 3 Responses to “Putting Words in the Mouth”

  2. By erin m. (salt radio '07) on Jul 10, 2008

    I feel like I’m back in class! And that, most definitely, is a good thing. Love the Saltcast!

  3. By Joe Marchelletta on Dec 26, 2010

    Just a comment to let You know We are still here at Family Yarns and doing well . I think the piece as very good and does reflect the ay that We all talk and think . Thanks .

  4. By Rob Rosenthal on Dec 26, 2010

    Joe, Great to hear that the business is still up and running — even in these times. Thanks for chiming in!! — Rob

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