Knockin’ the Rust Out

Listening just may be the most important skill for radio producers.

Nah, scratch that.

Listening IS the most important skill. From interviewing and field recording to mixing and editing and writing, you heavily rely on your ears (and your brain, of course.)

So, if your ears get rusty, you’ve got a problem. Ya gotta keep those ear canals W I D E open.

At Salt, we listen to student and professional work every class. Listening builds critical media literacy skills. It creates an “audio lexicon” to call upon when students produce and critique their own work. And, listening gets the rust out. A rust-free ear means better interviews, better field recording, better production — simply better radio.

For this SaltCast, we check out the piece we listen to first in radio class: “Tony Schwartz: 30,000 Recordings Later” by the Kitchen Sisters. It’s Rust-o-leum for the ears.

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Check out the Kitchen Sisters:






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