Hafid Is Free

Radio is an excellent way to meet people. But, all too often, on public radio we tend to only meet newsworthy people. Little time is made for an “average” person with a unique story.

That’s unfortunate because that’s most of us.

There are exceptions on public radio — Storycorps, Radio Rookies, Radio Diaries, This I Believe… But as a general rule, it’s unusual to meet a person and hear a story that doesn’t have a news hook.

(In fact, I’ve heard through the grapevine that some program directors at public radio stations complain about Storycorps saying it doesn’t fit neatly into Morning Edition because it’s a news program and the characters in the Storycorps broadcasts aren’t worth the air time.)

So, for this podcast, we’re featuring a Salt feature that’s merely about an interesting person with a unique story, a guy named Hafid. Lee Fuoco produced this piece in the spring of 2004. Lee met Hafid quite by accident and decided to produce a piece to give him some air time — simply because he’s interesting.

Isn’t that enough?

Have a listen and post your thoughts!!




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  2. By Drew on Jan 29, 2009

    This is one of the best audio stories I have ever heard.

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