Dissecting “Dead Animal Man”

Photo of Ira Glass by Tom Murphy

Probably my favorite piece to play in radio class at Salt to prompt discussion is “Dead Animal Man” by Ira Glass. It sets the bar high for feature production.

On this Saltcast, we listen to “Dead Animal Man” the whole way through then play it again and dissect it. Get out your radio notebook, this piece is full of radio goodness.



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  2. By Jon on Oct 29, 2008

    What an amazing podcast, I’m telling all my documentary friends!

    I’ve always wanted to sit down and dissect Glass’ style. I loved the flow of it, getting to take the whole story in followed by the behind the scenes analysis.

    Wonderful job, please do more podcasts like this one!

  3. By Rekha on Dec 15, 2008

    I agree with Jon – this was amazing. Rob’s instruction makes several great points, and does so while seamlessly weaving between original observations and audio quotation.

  4. By will rogers on Jun 6, 2011

    This was the first saltcast piece I ever heard, and I was immediately hooked.

    I listened to it again a few days ago, and I appreciated the moment at 4:23 when we hear Ira’s voice in the background say “what did you say?” to the stranger with the beeper.

    Sometimes I have a tough time getting people to repeat themselves, but if I remember to keep things casual and brief (even a simple “what did you say?” while sticking the mic in front of their mouth), it works.

  5. By Emily on May 22, 2012

    I really liked this one. I felt like I was in class.

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