Insomnia and the Meaning of Life

You can find stories just about anywhere. One good place is the newspaper. In particular, look at the end of a story. Because newspaper stories are typically written with the basic information in the first few paragraphs, the ends of newspaper stories tend to have the less reported material. That’s where you can find some real gems and unique angle.

But, that’s a tried and true approach. An unusual way to find a story is with posters. Make a flyer, tack ’em up around town. See what happens.

That’s what Matt Swenson did. Matt was interested in insomniacs. To find a character for a story, he plastered Portland with flyers and in less than a day, he found Michael White. Take a listen, especially if you’re up late and can’t sleep.



(Update) — 10/24/08 — Well, shiver me timbers. Matt’s piece aired on Day to Day. Congrats to Matt. Thanks to Day to Day for giving air time to an out-of-the-ordinary piece. And a slap on the back, two thumbs up to Barrett Golding at Hearing Voices for making it happen.


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