Truckstop Love Affair

Jackie takes and gives orders at Dysart’s Truck Stop, Bangor, Maine.

Photo by Molly Myers, courtesy the Salt Archive.

At first, Sara Paul thought she’d do a story on bear hunting. But, hanging out in a tree for hours in the freezing cold with some dude she’d never met wasn’t her idea of a good time. So, she bagged that story in favor of one about Dysart’s Truck Stop.

Sara went in. Hung out. Took it all in. Then, focused — on Jackie, the waitress at the trucker’s table. Sara had no idea that talking to the burly drivers at the table would be the easy part. When Jackie got “mic fright,” Sara had to go with the tape she had — the tape rules.  Here’s what Sara came up with back in the fall of 2002.



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