The Sound of Democracy

Banging out a tune on the Portland Public Library piano. Photo by Cecelia Duchano courtesy the Salt Archive.


For her interview on this Saltcast, Elizabeth Chur holed up in her closet. That’s pretty common actually. Independent producers without access to a studio frequently record themselves in a closet because it’s the quietest and most insulated place in the house.

In this case, recording in a closet is a bit ironic, too. Elizabeth spent several weeks of her Salt semester recording people playing the piano in a room the not a lot bigger than a closet at the Portland Public Library. Elizabeth hunkered down outside the piano room, waiting for hours and hours — sometimes days — for people to show up and make music. Her patience was well rewarded.

Here’s Elizabeth’s piece, “The Sound of Democracy,” along with the backstory to her creative field work and production techniques.

Also, follow this link to a piece Eliabeth produced for




  1. 2 Responses to “The Sound of Democracy”

  2. By Drew on Jan 29, 2009

    I listened to this today while driving home for lunch to eat with my small children. What a great story. Thanks for creating/sharing this.

  3. By Lowell L Morse on Feb 8, 2009

    It would sound better if called a Constitutional “Republic”. By definition, a democracy is “mob” rule.

    With Respect

    Lowell L Morse

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