Studs, Natasha, and the Power of Sound

Studs Terkel waxing about “vox humana” in Storycorps’ mobile recording booth.


At the start of the semester at Salt, we start big, really big.

After listening to a few radio pieces and introducing ourselves, we talk about sound. The power of sound. The conversation ranges from the practical to the spiritual. It’s poetic..

Here are a few thoughts I have on the power of sound. Studs Terkel offers his take on the human voice. And, Salt radio grad Natasha Haverty talks about sound at death.

We hope you’ll chime in, too.




  1. 2 Responses to “Studs, Natasha, and the Power of Sound”

  2. By Jamie on Apr 14, 2009

    OK, OK. I needed this. I needed to hear to remember. To hear this podcast to keeping going. To put everything into making sound come out simple and beautiful. Back to work…

  3. By will on Jan 19, 2012

    Anne Fernald is the person who said “sound is like touch at a distance,” in case anyone is wondering. It was in a radiolab episode (I think Musical Language).


    I LOVE the way this piece gets self-conscious about waxing philosophically – “off the deep end” “pepped up” “loony” “drinking the koolaid” – it’s hard to get metaphysical without losing the skeptical side of your audience, and this piece flirts with skepticism in an endearing way.

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