The Angel Warrior On His Way to the Top

The Angel Warrior and his chariot. Photo by Maisie Crow, courtesy the Salt Archive.


“The Angel Warrior on His Way to the Top” has one of my favorite opening moments in a Salt piece. I especially like “…. thank you and Amen. Vroooooom…..” Makes me smile every time. Take a listen. You’ll see what I mean.

But, we’re featuring this piece on the Saltcast for reasons other than the opening. We talk a little bit about finding a story and recording ambiance. But, we also tackle a tricky editorial question: If you learn something about a character in a story that is unflattering, do you put it in your story? Even if it’s so loaded it may throw off the balance of the story?? Not sure there’s a uniform answer, but take a listen to hear how producer Brooke Shuman solved the quandary…. then post your thoughts.

All hail Marconi.


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