What If?


Kevin and James Hatch in 2005. Photo by Kyle Glover, courtesy the Salt Archive.


Radio producer Joe Richman says when producing a radio story you “cast” for characters. It’s like “trying” people out.  You look for people who know the subject matter and who are “radiophonic” — they sound good on the radio.

Here’s another thing to look for when “casting” your story: a character going through transition, someone who is progressing from one place to another. Could be an emotional place, a physical place — something where the character evolves or is at a point of change.

Salt radio student Katie Freddoso found all three of these character elements when she met teenage brothers Kevin and James Hatch in 2005. They knew the subject matter, the were animated and spoke well, and they were in transition — Kevin and James were going deaf. Katie spent several weeks with the boys, documenting part of their journey from the hearing world to the non-hearing world. Take a listen.




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