Dyana, Goddess of the Moose Hunt

A big bull moose.

Ingredients for a doozy of a radio story:

1. Take a seasoned and somewhat crusty moose hunter.

2. Add a wide-eyed first-time huntress.

3. Toss in a student radio reporter.

4. Stir vigorously with increasing heat on bumpy logging roads in the Maine woods for days and days.

5. Sprinkle with an occasional moose sighting.

6. Continue stirring and heating until over-cooked.

Voila! A radio story!!

Hope you enjoy this startling piece about a moose hunt gone sour — “Dyana, Goddess of the Moose Hunt.” Produced by Jamie Yuenger in the fall of 2008.

Cheers, Rob


  1. 2 Responses to “Dyana, Goddess of the Moose Hunt”

  2. By Ronan Kelly on Jul 7, 2010

    Great piece Jamie. Too much analysis on the crying – if she gave permission then go for it.

    Two things I missed: Steve and the kill. Women, often, work better on radio because they’re more verbal. Steve said ‘nope’ and that he wouldn’t change but he did – he slowed down – how did he feel about Dyana? Did he think she was wasting a permit?

    Also, that joking about Dyana getting ‘buck fear’ – maybe that was the kind of joking your uncle did.

    Why did you not get sound on the shot that killed the moose – or the sound of it being dragged or manhandled?

    A great piece about gender as much as about moose-hunting. Thanks.


  3. By Karen on Mar 16, 2015

    I realize this podcast was originally produced back in 2008, but I just heard it this morning and had to comment.
    When you reported that there was an ethical dilemma about the piece, i thought it would be about the ethics of killing a moose from a truck, which seems to me to be a despicable way of killing an animal. Dyana reported that she had misgivings about the whole “hunt” and that it wasn’t like what she expected at all. It’s too bad she didn’t listen to her inner voice and tell Steve to take a hike and just go home. Instead, she participated in the killing against her better judgement and now has only bad memories of the experience. That’s a real shame.

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