Mei Mei, A Daughter’s Song


Dmae Roberts and her mom during their trip to Taiwan in 1989.


O, how public radio has changed in the last twenty years.

With the exception of WNYC’s Radio Lab and specials from Hearing Voices, there is very little on public radio that tickles the ears. It wasn’t always that way. Up until about the 1990’s, public radio took chances.  Stations experimented and aired risky and unusual work right along with the tried and true.

But, today, much of the programming, aurally speaking, is pretty drab and staid. In fact, I’d say there’s a good chance very few public stations would play the piece featured on this Saltcast because of its non-traditional and artistic approach to production and storytelling — even though it was lauded when it  first hit the air twenty years ago.

Independent producer Dmae Roberts produced “Mei Mei, A Daughter’s Song” in 1989. It was cutting edge then and it is, unfortunately, cutting edge now.

O, to encounter more stories told like Mei Mei on the radio.

I hope you’ll raise a glass with me to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Mei Mei. And, after you listen to this Saltcast, check out Dmae’s other great work at

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