Look Me In The Eye


Bill Buffard races across the court in a game of quadriplegic rugby.        Photo by Judy Beedle.


I really, really like non-narrated radio stories — pieces that don’t have a reporter telling the story. Without a narrator, it’s like the characters are talking directly to the listener.

Unfortunately, you don’t hear many non-narrated stories on the radio and there’s a reason for that. They are insanely hard to produce.

Generally speaking, it’s a whole lot easier to produce a story with a narrator. They are the guide that holds the story together. Take away the narrator and you’ve got a lot of holes to fill.

On this Saltcast, producer and former Salt student Sarah Reynolds offers up a few interviewing tips to help with the production of non-narrated stories. We’ll also take a listen to her story “Look Me In The Eye” about Bill Buffard, a quadriplegic rugby player.

Hope you dig it.



  1. 2 Responses to “Look Me In The Eye”

  2. By Andrew Tandy on Jul 22, 2009

    I really enjoyed your piece and I will surely be listening to all of the saltcasts I can get my hands on.

    I have listened to two so far now and both mention the use of mini-disc recorders. I am wondering why this is the recorder of choice and what features I should look for if I decide to purchase one for similar purposes.


  3. By Rob on Jul 23, 2009

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for writing.

    I would suggest you DON’T buy a minidisc recorder. Instead, look into flash recorders.

    There’s info about flash recorders here: http://podcast.prx.org/saltcast/?p=119

    And here: http://transom.org/?category_name=tools

    The reason these pieces were recorded with Minidisc recorders is because when they were state-of-the-art several years ago when these stories were produced. Now, all students use Sony D50 flash recorders.

    Hope that helps. Thanks for listening!


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