A Jew Grows in Rockland


Rabbi Amita Jarmon lights a menorah. Photo by Hannah Fox.


Rachel Quimby is funny. And, she doesn’t turn off her wit when she produces a radio story. Even the title of her piece we’re featuring today is witty – “A Jew Grows in Rockland.”

But, humor ain’t easy. And, on the radio, I think it’s particularly difficult. You have only your voice to make the point. And, on top of that, the audience isn’t in the room with you so you can’t judge their reactions and mood. The fact that Rachel even attempted to be funny should be applauded.

Take a listen and let us know where this registers on your laugh meter. Does her writing work? Her delivery? Post your thoughts here.

Cheers, Rob.


  1. 2 Responses to “A Jew Grows in Rockland”

  2. By Sophie on Sep 23, 2009

    I loved this piece! Rachel is hilarious! I love how even though she pokes fun at the situation of this Rabbi in Maine, it’s clear that she approaches her subject with a warm heart. Her humor uplifts everyone without putting anyone down. When’s she gonna have her own radio show?

  3. By herstory320 on Sep 23, 2009

    This piece was radio at its best; radio like they don’t make any more — a great story, delightfully told. And, NO, i didn’t pick up on any sarcasm or feeling of superiority; on the contrary, this was gentle, empathetic humor, albeit from one “in the know.” Quimby was truly the “SALT” on that potato!
    More, more, more, please, from this funny gal!

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