Pizza Time!


Make way for Tom Witkowski, the dean of delivery at Pizza Time, Portland, Maine. Photo by Rebeca Beeman


Mark Kramer is probably the intellectual heavy-weight of narrative journalism. Mark wrote Telling True Stories and he was the founder of the Nieman Conference on Narrative Journalism.

Mark says if a story doesn’t have an obvious narrative hook, it needs a strong character, compelling images, and anecdotes.

Well, meet  Tom, the delivery dude for Pizza Time in Portland, Maine. Producer Alex Malmude rode along with Tom several times and produced the profile we feature today on the Saltcast. There’s no conflict. No drama. No tension. Just a colorful character, visual sound, and some pretty funny anecdotes and chance encounters. It meets the Kramer test for a good story. Have a listen.



  1. One Response to “Pizza Time!”

  2. By Todd Melby on Dec 21, 2009

    I listened to this story during a drive today. I liked the rough cuts and the frenetic pace. My favorite sound was the chunnnnk-yank of emergency brake. It seemed to signify the Pizza Time guy’s need to jump out of the car and get the pie to the hungry, waiting customer.

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