Saltcast Parody

Graduation at Salt is not to be missed.

At the end of a ridiculously rigorous 15-week semester, students, staff, faculty, family, and friends gather for a grand farewell. Really, it’s like no other graduation I’ve ever seen.

Staff and faculty offer heartfelt missives. Students receive certificates. But, the highlight is the student presentations. Each track at Salt — writing, photography, and radio — is given the opportunity to dance, offer a speech, give thanks, or do whatever they like to bring some closure to the semester.

This fall, the radio students produced a parody of the Saltcast. It’s a riot. And, it’s today’s feature. I admit, it’s a bit of an insider piece but I think you’ll enjoy it nonetheless.

We’ll return to normal in the next couple of weeks. Happy holidays.



IMG_5245Laura Herberg announces the “host intro” for the Saltcast parody. (Photo by Kristen Hewitt.)



Rob holds his head in his hands, tears from laughing so hard. (Photo by Adriana Teresa.)



“That’s was amazing,” Rob shouts, leaping from his chair. (Photo by Adriana Teresa.)



(Photo by Adriana Teresa.)


  1. 2 Responses to “Saltcast Parody”

  2. By Joe M on Feb 5, 2010

    Recording in the bath tub? Great idea, Rob. Let’s have more of it!

  3. By Emily on May 22, 2012

    That was funny. Especially the bathtub bit.

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