Hot Lunch!

CLovell_F09_radiocollab_  01

Meatball sub anyone? Photo by Catherine Lovell.


Ovens and sinks and a fridges, oh my.

No matter which way producer Audrey Dilling turned in the cafeteria kitchen at Biddeford High School, she was awash in sound, sound, and more sound. What’s a producer to do? Audrey has some answers on this Saltcast about hot lunch and recording.

One answer to the problem is to use two different mics — one for general ambiance, the other for specific sounds.

For general ambiance (and nearly all the sound you hear in Salt stories), Audrey used the reporter’s standard: Electrovoice RE-50. Works well in wind. Limits mic handling noise. It sounds good.




The other mic Audrey used is the Audio Technica 8035. It’s shotgun mic with a much narrower pick-up pattern for focused sound gathering.




If you are looking to buy only one mic, I recommend the RE-50. It’s a workhorse, takes a beating, and won’t disappoint. But, if you have some cash to invest in mics, having both of these can be a blessing. Ask Audrey.

Happy listening.



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