Wicked Maine Limericks

cicle of dots

Thought the limerick was a dead artform? A remnant of “ye olde days” that little kids still find humorous? Think again.

Molly Haley brings us the story of a limerick revival, of sorts, in Maine. Beware, the poems featured in this Saltcast give ribald a new name.

The circle of dots above are something new I’ve been doing in class. To illustrate the need to produce a story about a subject matter or a person from a variety of view points, I’ll sometimes put a dot up on the board. I’ll label it — in this case, limericks. Then, I’ll plot some dots in a circle around the initial dot. The new dots represent people and organizations with a point of view on limericks. It’s the job of a reporter to connect those dots.

Take a listen to how Molly connects them on this week’s Saltcast.




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