These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

Irish radio producer, Ronan Kelly.


This Saltcast we break from the format a bit.

Ronan Kelly, from RTE, Radio Ireland, visited Salt for a week in October. He hung out in class and worked with the students. What a treat!

While Ronan was in Portland, we chatted on tape as he played DJ featuring clips from some of his favorite radio stories. You’ll hear some of that conversation on this Saltcast.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, we’re throwing in as an added bonus for Saltcast listeners, Ronan’s award-winnning doc “Roger Dowds: Millionaire Winner.”

It’s a full show!!

Be sure to subscribe to Ronan’s podcast, The Curious Ear. It’s a superb pot-luck of excellent radio from Europe and the States.

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  1. 9 Responses to “These Are A Few of My Favorite Things”

  2. By pel on Nov 7, 2010

    One of the best saltcasts ever…inspirational.

  3. By Brock Lueck on Nov 7, 2010

    Another great mini class in ‘good radio’. Nice to hear the Who Wants to be a Millionaire piece again, and hear a producer doing interesting things closter to home. As an American in Scotland (where we also pay a lisence fee), there are some interesting discussions to be had about the differences between Public Radio and British/Irish equivilents…

    Brock Lueck

  4. By Rob Rosenthal on Nov 11, 2010

    Thanks pel and Brock for your kind words. Much appreciated!! — rob

  5. By Rachael on Nov 17, 2010

    The best so far! Loved the chance to really sit with a fellow lover of radio. Of course, he’s a fan of John Burnett, so Kelly’s golden with me. Come to think of it, could you talk to Burnett next?

  6. By kimber on Dec 6, 2010

    Loved the extended/longer postcast! The longer the better.

    Behind the scenes junky,

  7. By Martyn Moore on Jan 8, 2011

    This couldn’t have arrived at a better time for me and the dog. She gets lots more walks when my iPhone is full of audio magic.

    Rob’s plug for The Curious Ear brilliantly fills the void left in my life by the closure of

    I discovered Speechification via The Word magazine, whose brilliant (if rather UK-centric) music, arts and culture podcast nicely complements another of Rob’s recommendations, Sound Opinions.

    Speechification was a fan of the Saltcast and rebroadcast your Truckstop Love Affair last year, wrapped up, co-incidentally, in a package from The Curious Ear.

    Fabulous stuff.

  8. By Rob Rosenthal on Jan 12, 2011

    Hmmmmmmm…. This edition has received the most comments ever. Will have to repeat this format again — soon!

    Thanks everyone.


  9. By will rogers on Feb 16, 2011

    I’m with the others – Last week I had the privilege of listening to 5 saltcasts in a row while at work – this one was DEFINITELY not too long.

    One thing I love about saltcast is the variety of lengths – Thanks for changing it up!

  10. By Emily on May 31, 2012

    I enjoy Saltcasts, short or long. Like Will, I listen at work.

    The Millionaire piece was uncomfortable and gripping.

    I liked what Ronan said about wanting his pieces to be a bit rough, to catch the ear.

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